H&R Block Promo Codes

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H&R Block Promo Codes – H&R Block is a public company which gives services for tax preparation, banking, and business services. It was founded in Kansas City, Missouri, United States in 1955 by Henry Bloch and Richard Bloch. This company has been widely spread through United States, Canada, Australia, India, and Brazil. Most people admires their service because of more than 24.5 million tax has been claimed and returned. Besides having around 11000 tax offices in the United States, H&R Block also utilizes online system for the tax preparation which enable the costumer to fill the electronic from through their website. With its success, they can get around 3.04 billion US dollars revenue in the year of 2012. They always focus themselves on their slogan, “Never Settle for Less”. Now, there are around more 2.500 people working in this such a great company.

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H&R Block Promo Codes


1. Save $50 on complex 2018 Form 1040 Tax Preparation services.
2. Save $20 on 2018 1040EZ Tax Preparation services.
3. Save $40 on 2018 Form 1040A Tax Preparation services.
4. Save $40 on simple 2018 Form 1040 Tax Preparation services.
5. 15% off Online Tax Software.
6. File easy and Free with H&R Block At Home Free Edition.
7. Free Live Tax Advice.
8. Worry-Free Audit Support.
9. Shop Software from H&R Block and save big.
10. Get FREE online tax prep from H&R block.
11. 15% off H&R Block Online Premium.
12. Save 15% on H&R Block Online Basic.


Alright, here are the H&R Block Promo Codes that available for you in order that you can use their service without wasting so much money. For more information, please feel free to visit H&R Block official website.